Melanin is the natural pigment that determines skin color. Pigmentation problems are generally related to the malfunction of this substance; that causes hyperpigmentation or depigmentation of the skin. There is a time of year when we pay special attention to the appearance of skin blemishes and this is the summer, when all our skin is uncovered and exposed to the sun's rays. However, spots on the skin can appear at any time of the year. Since not only the sun is the cause of the spots; we can also find autoimmune diseases, hormonal and genetic factors. Among others. Generally, the ones that most often attract our attention are those that appear due to sun exposure or age. The first occurs because melanin levels increase with intense exposure to sunlight, and this excess produced melanin is not distributed evenly on the skin, thus appearing darker areas than others. On the other hand, the aging of the cells increases the risk of hyperpigmentation and this generally occurs in the areas most exposed to the sun. During pregnancy or the use of oral contraceptives, spots may appear on the face. Also the skin can be stained by the use of certain phototoxic substances and skin lesions. That is why it is very important to know what type of stain you have in order to know how and with what to treat them. You must recognize the reason for their appearance and if they can be harmful to health, when in doubt it is best to go to the dermatologist. There are creams that help us make these spots disappear or diminish, we just have to choose the right one and start taking care of our skin.


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