The skin is the largest organ in our body and the body's first line of defense. Therefore it is vitally important to provide the necessary care to keep it intact, clean and well nourished.

Today we will focus on facial cleansing, which not only helps us to maintain a fresh and luminous face, but also contributes to the maintenance of mental and physical health. If we are comfortable with our skin and with the image that we reflect in the mirror, we will start the day with a cheerful smile.

Through facial cleansing, it eliminates the fat, toxins and dead cells that accumulate over time, as well as the impurities of environmental pollution, this allows us that the pores are not clogged and that the skin breathes correctly; thus maintain its luminosity, uniformity and texture, in addition to eliminating the unpleasant black spots that appear frequently.

We must make facial cleansing a daily routine, it will only take a few minutes and it will bring us great benefits, among which are: oxygenate the skin, delay the appearance of wrinkles, reduce the appearance of acne and blackheads and so on.

The first thing we must do is observe if the skin is dry, oily or combination; in order to determine the appropriate care in each case. Then we must clean the face carefully and remove all makeup by applying a facial cleansing product and once we have a clean face apply moisturizer.

 It is important to note that from time to time it is beneficial to do a deep professional cleaning. This consists of three parts.

- Apply products for surface cleaning.

- Open the pores with steam and apply products to drain impurities.

- Perform a toning massage that consists of closing pores and decongesting the skin after drainage.

With this series of care and the right products you will have a luminous, smooth and always young complexion.


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